Domain of the dukes of Chevreuse and Luynes , the chateau and its garden were visited by many Kings and Queens of France. On those occasions, spectacular events were organized with theatrical performances, fireworks and banquets.
During the 19th century, Dampierre became famous as a central place of science and discoveries.

Close to both Paris and Versailles, Dampierre attracted many great Kings.

Louis XIII, Louis XIV and Louis XVI paid frequent visits to the castle to enjoy hunts in the rich forests full of game of the Chevreuse Valley.

The Dukes of Luynes were close to the Kings, with careers in the military, politics, literature and science.

The Domain of Dampierre en Yvelines is a unique estate located in the Chevreuse Valley, in the Yvelines department.

Surrounding the Chateau, the enclosed park and forest spread on more than 900 acres.

It is one of the greatest private castle in the Paris area.

Property of the Luynes family for nearly 4 centuries, it was built after the wedding of the Duke to Colbert’s daughter.

It now belongs to a new owner, an aficionado of Art and 17th century architecture.

The architect of the Palace of Versailles, Jules Hardouin Mansart, built in Dampierre a masterpiece set in the green bower made by Le Nôtre.
In the 19th century, Honoré d’Albert de Luynes hired Felix Duban to give back its former glory to Dampierre. The architect, famous for his restauration of the Sainte Chapelle in Paris, created a new grand staircase for the Palace amongst other changes.
The Domain is listed as an outstanding landscape and site. The buildings are registered on the additional Heritage list.