Domain of the dukes of Chevreuse and de Luynes, the chateau and its garden had hosted kings and queens of France. On those occasions, major events were organised with theatrical performances, fireworks and banquet. The prestige remains in the XIXth century with the animation of an intellectual activity, artistical and political where the understanding of new sciences, archelogy and natural sciences can rise and be developed.

At the gate of Paris and close to Versailles, the greatest kings of France are associated with this prestigious domain.

Louis XIII, Louis XIV and Louis XVI were used to make frequent stays (vsits) to appreciate the sweetness of life in this Chevreuse Valley, abounding in game and natural.

The Domain of Dampierre en Yvelines is a unique property in the Chevreuse Valley, in the Yvelines department. Surrounding the chateau, the enclosed forest park with a 14-kilometer-long wall spread about 400 hectares (988,422 acres → almost 1 000 000 acres).

It’s one of the greatest private castle in the Paris area.

Property of the de Luynes family built it after the wedding of Colbert’s daughter for nearly 4 centuries. This chateau has become the property of a passionate about history of art and 17th century architecture.

The architect of the Palace of Versailles, Jules Hardouin Mansart, built there the architectural work in a green and stunning ladscape realized by Jules Le Nôtre and his french gardens.
In the nineteeth century, Honoré d’Albert de Luynes was a protagonist who had helped to contribute to the development in France of sciences, archelogy and the arts. His will to bring to all his research had placed Dampierre among the most indispensable places in the human sciences research.
The Domain is a list landscape and outstanding sites. The buildings are registered within the additional list of the historical monuments.