A devotee of hitches, the owner of the Domain of Dampierre-en-Yvelines offers you the discover of the de Luynes carriages in prefiguration to the forthcoming museography for the presentation of his 25-carraiges collection.

The castle, like all great house, owned its coaches. Concerned with sharing to all his passion for coaches, besides proposed walks to discover the animal park. The five carriages of the de Luynes family are exposed.
Whereas Paris is the uncontested capital of the coachwork for the beauty of its products, their elegance and the perfection of finishes, the de Luynes family has chosen one of the mosst prestigious body work Parisian to put in an order for three carriages of exception : the Morel House. A gala great Coupe, a gala carriage and a sport wagon are shown.
Elaborated luxuriously, those cars had important dimensions and reached the height of perfection. Crested and lined with rich trimmings, thoses cars revaled elegance. The dukes de Luynes coat of arms reveal themselves not only on the doors and also on the handles. A d’Orsay-style coupe from a Londoner producer completes the entire collection.
25 coaches will soon be exposed. Private collection of the owner who’s passionate of hitching and equestrian arts, this exhibit will be the opportunity for all to discover everything on horses and each secondary job which contribuated to that art.