Passionate about carriages, the owner of the Domain of Dampierre en Yvelines wanted to share with the public the coaches left by the Luynes family. These historical pieces will then be added to the forthcoming Carriages Museum that will be created in Dampierre.

The Luynes family, like any great family of the time, owned not one but several carriages.
Five of them are now exhibited in the courtyard, a decision made by the owner to share with others his passion about historical coaches.
Paris was the uncontested capital of carriage making for the beauty, elegance and perfect finish of their products. The Luynes family employed the most prestigious maker: the Morel House. You can still see today a great gala coupe, a gala carriage and a sport wagon.
Luxurious and elaborate, these carriages of large dimensions are lined with rich trimmings. The coat of arms of the Luynes family can be found on the doors and on the handles as well.
A d’Orsay style coupe from a Londoner maker completes the entire collection.
25 carriages will soon be displayed. Private collection of the owner, this exhibition will be the occasion to shed a new light on equestrian arts and the professions linked to it.