The forest of Dampierre still keeps its historic tracks. Through your visit, you might encounter deers or even boars, and the local fauna and flora of the western Parisian region.

The forest of the Domain of Dampierre is characteristic of the southwest of the Ile de France region. Large groves of trees on a typical chaotic ground from the Chevreuse Valley adorn the steep slopes of the domain.
The fauna of the park is quite original. Very little human intervention allow for a diversity that thrives under the centenary oak trees. Many pathways stretch from star shaped crossroads, heritage of the
In the valleys, the swamps gives off a pastoral atmosphere, dear to landscapers. The diversity of environments allows for a variety in fauna and flora which flourishes in optimal conditions. Surrounded by ferns and wetlands, the boars and bucks graze freely.
This pastoral environment made the new owner fall in love with this site. He wishes to share this magical place through the horse drawn carriage rides.