The forest or animal park keeps its historic tracks with forestry roads. Deers will enrich the visit as well as boars, local fauna and flora from the western forests Parisian.

The forest park or the domain of Dampierre is the characteristic of forest landscape in the southwest of the Île-de-France. Big massifs of broad-leaved trees on a typical chaotic ground in the Chevreuse Valley, steep slopes to the valleys surrounding the site.
Its originality resides in its composition. Very little of human intervention on this forest for animals. Oak trees more than centenarians give a pace to the park. Large long alleys drawn from star-shaped crossroads in the hunting with hounds great tradition.
A contrario in valleys, the atmospheres of swamps emits a pastoral atmosphere so dear to landscapers. The diversity of environments enables flora and fauna find its biotope and flourishing under optimum conditions. Beneath fern and wetlands, boars are seeking grazing land whistle ermeges from above the fern a buck.
That pastoral environment made the new owner fall in love with this site. He is willing to share this environmental assets with horse-drawn carriages.