To ensure that your day proceeds in the best conditions, in family or with friends, the Domain of Dampierre offers you services.

Decoration, artwork, regional gastronomy, beautiful books, the shop of Dampierre proposes a selection of products carefully chosen. Various subject areas dedicated to equestrian arts, the forest, gardens, children, the arts of the table, … will help you to find the perfect present during opening hours of the Domain shop.
Located in the castle courtyard with a patio in out the sun, under arcades, the tea room welcomes you over a drink, lunch or teatime during the Domain opening hours.
Playgrounds : available to all in a pastoral framework, natural playgrounds are disposed to enjoy the park and the gardens in family under supervision of parents.

Picnic areas : tables set up in the undergrowth of the woods call on picnic, brought by your care or on sale at the tea room.